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Vanderbilt University, Homeschooling Goes Under the Microscope, August 2012

Researcher Joseph Murphy examines the history of homeschooling, its exponential growth, the advantages homeschooling can offer, and what the homeschooling movement means for the larger world of education.

NBC 29 (Charlottesville), Homeschoolers Sports Access, October 2012

Charlottesville station NBC 29 interviews VaHomeschoolers Government Affairs Director Amy Wilson about the October Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) Homeschool Sports Access Discussion Group meeting.

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report – October 3, 2012

Sports Access Discussion Group Update

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report – September 14, 2012

Sports Access Discussion Group update plus VaHomeschoolers response to the release of UVA law professor’s article on Religious Exemption

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report – August 14, 2012

Homeschool Sports Access: Our Work in the “Off-Season”

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report – July 6, 2012

Discussion Group on Homeschool Sports Access

Homeschool Approaches

Different approaches fit different families, and many parents find that they begin with one approach and move to a more eclectic style, picking and choosing elements from a variety of methods– creating an assortment of “best practices” for your particular family.

Learning Styles: How does your child learn best?

Once you know how your child learns best, you’ll be in a better place to determine which materials and methods appeal to those strengths. Some children learn best when they learn a few small facts at a time, slowly learning more and figuring out how to put the pieces together– a part-to-whole sort of style. […]

Subject Area Ideas

You have some ideas for choosing areas of study and what sorts of materials appeal to your approach and your child’s learning style. Now it can be useful to get a few ideas about materials for different subject areas. These ideas are just a starting point that may be useful in choosing what works best […]

Structuring Your Days

Some children and families do better with a regular and structured routine.  Everyone may be happier if they know what to expect at a certain time on a certain day.  A curriculum that incorporates regular amounts of work in a predictable style may be a good fit for these families. Other families prefer a free-form […]

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