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Kelly Muzzin, long-time resident of Northern Virginia, has been homeschooling her two children for 15 years. She runs a piano studio out of her home, coaches her son’s robotics team, and is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol. Although she was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of public speaking, she has found that she enjoys it quite a bit.

Session Titles

Starting Your Own Robotics Team – 25 minutes + Q&A

Geek is the new chic! This presentation contains an overview of the major robotics platforms, including appropriate ages, ease of start-up, and cost. Also covered are tips for recruiting, how to handle money issues with members, and where to learn more. PowerPoint with sound required. Two-sided handout included. Question and answer period (additional 15 minutes) encouraged.

Homeschooling in (insert your county here): What it is, Who Does it, and Why it’s Good for Your Whole Community – 15 minutes + Q&A

What exactly is homeschooling? Why on earth would anyone do it? Are they all weird? This presentation will cover the legal definition of homeschooling in Virginia, discuss reasons why some families choose to homeschool, and show what homeschooling looks like. Data will be personalized for your county or other geographic area. PowerPoint with sound required. One page handout of links. Question and answer period (additional 5-15 minutes) encouraged. And yes, some of us are weird.

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