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Stephanie Elms serves on The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers Board of Directors and as the organization’s website administrator. Homeschooling her two boys in Annandale for the past 12 years, Stephanie has learned that each child is on his or her own unique educational journey and she is glad to be a part of it. As co-moderator of the statewide email list VaEclecticHS and various local and national lists, she spends a large portion of her free time writing for and helping new homeschoolers. You can read her musings on her personal blog Throwing Marshmallows.


Session Titles

Beginning Homeschooling, Part 1: Navigating Virginia Paperwork and  Legalities – 1 hour

Thinking about homeschooling but feeling a bit overwhelmed? New to homeschooling and wondering what you got yourself into? This session helps you understand the home education statutes and addresses your concerns about filing a notice of intent, showing evidence of progress and finding support.

Beginning Homeschooling, Part 2: But What Do I Do On Monday? – 1 – 1 ½ hours

This overview of “how to homeschool” includes time for your questions and concerns about how home education can work in your family. Explore options for the day-to-day aspects of homeschooling such as finding resources, knowing what to teach, different homeschool approaches, structuring your day, and finding local groups. While no one can tell you what will work best for your family, Stephanie will provide you with resources for figuring it all out. Gain the knowledge and the confidence you need to get started on your homeschooling journey.

There’s An App For That! Using Apps to Enhance Your Homeschooling – 1 hour

Join Stephanie as she explores the myriad of apps on the market that can be used to organize and supplement your homeschooling program. Whether you need an app to help organize your time and your homeschool resources or one to help your child learn, there’s an app for you out there! Come prepared to share your most useful apps and learn about apps that others have found helpful. We’ll look at apps across various platforms, from Macs and PCs to Android and Apple.

How to Foster a “Relationship with Books” – 45 mins – 1 hour

Shifting from a mindset of “how do I get my child to read” to “how can I foster a relationship with books” can make a huge difference in your homeschooling. Stephanie will share her experiences in ushering her two “late reading” boys along the path to reading. With less focus on the “mechanics” of reading and more focus on the “experience” of books, you can help your child develop their own personal relationship with books.

Encouraging Reading in “Late” Readers – 1 hour

“Late” reading can be normal, especially for right-brained, visual-spatial kids. Learn how you can help your child develop a positive “relationship with reading” and how you can support your child on his or her unique path..

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