Homeschooled in a truck; just graduated from Harvard

I was listening to NPR’s All Things Considered on a drive back from WCVE in Richmond, an NPR member station I work for part-time, and I was surprised to hear an unusual homeschooling story about a girl who was homeschooled by her mom, a long haul truck driver. Kerry Anderson began her post-homeschool college career at a community college, but was later recruited by none other than Harvard.

I’m a firm believer that homeschoolers need to be realistic about the likelihood of admission into highly selective colleges, and I certainly don’t define success for most kids or families in that way. However, given the naysayers who tell us we don’t have the resources, can’t possibly teach advanced subjects, and are unable to provide the right atmosphere to prep for higher education, it’s great to know that cross-country truck driving can provide a great atmosphere for homeschooling. Which probably sounds weird to most everyone but homeschoolers.

You can listen to the whole story at the NPR website.

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