July-August VaHomeschoolers Voice in Mailboxes Soon!

The July-August issue of VaHomeschoolers Voice will soon be headed to members of The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers.  This issue has articles on math curricula, Saxon grammar, hands-on science ideas, and the cost of homeschooling. Our He Said/She Said feature will explore a mom and dad’s look at technology in homeschooling families: are screen time and electronics to be limited, enjoyed without boundary, or avoided altogether?

The July-August cover photo is from our featured story, whose headline could only appear in a homeschooling publication. “Trout in the Basement” is Mary Cherry’s story of following up on her 13-year-old son’s mention that he’d like to be a fish farmer. Mary’s family adapted Trout Unlimited’s environmental education program “Trout in the Classroom” for her homeschooling family and their homeschooling friends. Her story is a great example of homeschoolers finding a great hands-on educational opportunity, and you can read all about it in Voice.

Are you interested in the politics of homeschooling and what issues we need to be watching in Virginia’s General Assembly? Don’t miss Celeste Land’s recap in Voice of the last session of our state legislature.

And, if you are looking forward to some late summer or fall field trips to enhance your kids’ understanding of history, you’ll get some great ideas from our Roads Scholars field trip article, “American History Field Trips: Colonies, Revolution, Civil War.” Erin Scherger’s article takes us from Plimouth Plantation to Bunker Hill to Harpers Ferry, providing ideas for a great series of field trips through United States history.

Volunteer writers, editors, designers, administrators and photographers, working with their professional-level skills, are bringing this issue to members. We’re all homeschoolers in Virginia, and we’re all already hard at work on the September-October issue of Voice. If you don’t want to miss it, make sure your membership is up-to-date or join VaHomeschoolers today.

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