Reflections on Homeschooling

VaHomeschoolers is pleased to introduce our new series,  Reflections on Homeschooling where homeschoolers from across Virginia share musings on their personal homeschooling journey.

What a summer so far!  One of the best we’ve had in years.  When it’s not been so hot that we’re swimming in the pool, the sunny skies have called us to tennis, golf, kayaking, gardening and whatever other activities our flexible summer schedule sends our way.

But what of those promises I made for our summer break?  I vowed to keep up with math, cursive and the classics reading list.  But with our language and music hiatus, came a complete break for everyone from all workbooks and textbooks.   And who am I kidding? It’s been a summer to remember at the bay – catching up with old summer friends and making so many new ones that I’ve looked for every excuse to push things into next week.

Until today.   The weather was cloudy, drizzly and cooler, although certainly not cool.  By chance, our schedule today was not as packed as it has been for the past month.  In a very natural way, the violins came out of dusty cases to be tuned and played, the math drill sheets were filled in without any complaint, the crock pot supper filled the house with a warm, cozy scent and it very much reminded us all of our ‘school year’ routine.  The children casually asked when their math tutor would start up again, when their Chinese teacher was coming back and when they’d be starting their new Latin workbooks.  They weren’t asking because they hoped it would be later rather than sooner, but with the reserved anticipation that things they loved to work at and longed to achieve, would return in time.

But not just yet!

The violins were hung on the wall, the crock pot supper devoured, and the math sheets handed to me with a look of “seriously, we’re not back to school, are we?”   With that, everyone dashed down the street to gather with their neighborhood friends for a game of “ghost in the graveyard” or “kick the can” – no one is ready for an early bedtime.   The 4th of July might be well behind us, but there’s so much of summer still to be enjoyed!

Happy Summer and Enjoy!

Hilary Sharpe volunteers as a member of the VaHomeschoolers Board of Directors and homeschools her three children in Richmond, Virginia.

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1 comment to Promises…promises……

  • Hilary,
    Reading this while at a hotel on vacation, I have to smile. I always have good intentions for the summer but I think that the relaxed, learn as we play feeling that summer brings is just as important as the nose to the grindstone mentally that comes with September. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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