Call for Candidates for the Board of Directors

We’re looking for candidates for the Board of Directors for The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers. Submit your application form by postal mail by October 7 or email by October 10. Four board seats are subject to election this year, and directors are elected to two-year terms.

VaHomeschoolers’ officers, committee chairs, lobbyists, and other positions are appointed by the Board of Directors from within the Board or, at the board’s discretion, from outside the Board. Board members meet as agreed every quarter, and perform various duties between meetings.

A candidate must be a resident of Virginia, a member of VaHomeschoolers, and have been homeschooling for at least one year. He or she must be supportive of VaHomeschoolers’ inclusive stance and subscribe to VaHomeschoolers’ purposes as described in the bylaws. The candidate must submit biographical information that will be provided to members before election. The bylaws impose no qualification based on gender, religion, politics, educational philosophy, etc.

There aren’t burdensome rules and expectations for Board members, but it is anticipated that people who want to serve on the Board intend to work, not just mull policy. We who have served and worked on the Board know it is rewarding, and we invite our members to contribute their knowledge, interest and talents.

If you…

are a member of The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers;

have homeschooled for at least one year;

are a Virginia resident;

want to help protect and promote homeschooling in Virginia;

are proactive;

believe in and support VaHomeschoolers’ bylaws and constitution;

are a team player;

and are able to communicate well — even when disagreeing, then please consider running for the Board of Directors.

To become a candidate, download the application form. You can email to by October 10, 2010 or print, fold, add postage, seal, and mail with a postmark by October 7, 2010.

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