SMV’s NEW Science Rewards for Homeschoolers!

Balancing the homeschooling family’s budget can be tough, and we’re always looking for ways to save even as we seek out great educational experiences for our kids.   Discounted admissions to museums, such as the Science Museum of Virginia, in Richmond, can really help homeschoolers enrich our curriculum.  Unfortunately, tough times affect museums too, and SMV recently discontinued their homeschool discounts on family memberships, along with other discounted memberships, such as those for senior citizens, in an effort to make ends meet.  Disappointed VaHomeschoolers members began to contact us to see why the discount was no longer available, and we passed along those concerns to SMV.  We are pleased to report that in response to our request and homeschoolers’ needs, SMV now offers a new discount program designed especially for homeschoolers, called Science Rewards.

Homeschoolers can get a free Science Rewards card that entitles them to the following:

  • Group admission rates for groups of five or more homeschooled students (group rates usually apply to groups of 10 or more)
  • One adult chaperone admitted free for every group of five students (children three and under are also admitted free)
  • Discounted group rates for IMAX films
  • Homeschool science demonstrations and activities at 2 p.m. on Wednesday afternoons
  • Special science demos for your group, with reservations made at least two weeks in advance of your visit.
  • 10% discount on general merchandise in the museum store
  • 20% discount on books!

To get your free Science Rewards card, present your homeschool certification in person at the admissions desk, by fax at 804-864-1509, or by email to (Suggested forms of “homeschool certification”  include your VaHomeschoolers membership card,  a copy of  correspondence from your school division acknowledging your compliance with the homeschooling statute,  or a copy of the letter from your county recognizing your religious exemption.)  For more information, call SMV at 804-864-1400 or 800-659-1727.  You can also read about this program on SMV’s website here.

Thanks, SMV, for responding to VaHomeschoolers and for recognizing how much science education means to us!  Homeschoolers, early fall is a great time to visit SMV — why not plan a trip to Richmond with some friends?

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