Fall Reminder – Register Your Grocery Card Today!

As fall gets underway, we at VaHomeschoolers wanted to take a minute to to remind you about an easy way to support VaHomeschoolers.

Did you know that VaHomeschoolers participates in the Safeway, Giant, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and Martin’s school give-back programs? By using your card to designate VaHomeschoolers as your beneficiary “school” you can support VaHomeschoolers everytime you shop!

Link your customer cards to VaHomeschoolers now so your grocery purchases will raise cash for the organization!

  • Safeway–Please link your Safeway Club cards to VaHomeschoolers at www.eScrip.com.  Click on Sign Up – It’s Free and create an eScrip profile (or login if you already have an eScrip profile).  Search on zip code 22905 to find The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers and link to your Safeway Club card.  While at the eScrip website, please glance at the list of other customer cards you can also link to VaHomeschoolers through your eScrip profile.
  • Giant–Link your card at www.giantfood.com/aplus by clicking Designate Schools.  Supply some basic information (your name and card number), and use school code 05028 to select The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers.
  • Food Lion–Link your MVP card at www.foodlion.com by clicking Community Outreach, MVP Rewards, Register Your MVP Card, and again, Register Your MVP Card.  Then enter the 12-digit MVP card number (includes the smaller-size number at beginning and end of the barcode) and click SUBMIT.  Please enter school code 218817 under Add a School to Support, or enter Charlottesville, VA as the city/state, click FIND, and look for The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers.
  • Harris Teeter–Link your card at www.harristeeter.com by clicking Community, Together in Education, Link Your VIC card to your School.  You will be prompted for your name and card number.  Please use school code 6052 to select The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers.
  • Martin’s–Link your card at www.martinsaplus.com by clicking Designate.  Input your name and card number, then use school code 02289 to select The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers.

We thank you for your ongoing support!

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