New Ways to Save – New Ways to Give

VaHomeschoolers is always on the look out to find ways to save you money while benefiting The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers at the same time.

We are excited to announce that we are now offering multi-year memberships at a discounted rate (we’ve offered multi-year memberships before, but the discounted rates are new). In addition, we are announcing a new referral rewards program. Check out the details below.

So what about the new way to give? VaHomeschoolers can now accept recurring monthly donations through Paypal. Recurring monthly donations allow you to spread out your giving throughout the year and allow VaHomeschoolers to better plan for incoming revenue throughout the year. A win-win situation for all.

How Does It All Work?

New Discounted Membership Rates

Our new discounted membership rates not only allow you to “lock in” today’s low membership rates, but you can also save a few hard-earned bucks while doing so.  With a multi-year membership, you can extend the time until you need to renew, which means you greatly reduce the risk of not finding Voice, your favorite homeschooling magazine, in your mailbox!   The convenience of online renewal means that you won’t even have to pay for a stamp.

New Membership Multi-year Discount Rates:

  • 1 year — $29
  • 3 years — $79 (Save $8!)
  • 5 years — $131 (Save $14!)
  • Lifetime — $500 (Nearly unlimited savings!  Share Voice with your grandkids!)

To determine when your membership will expire, just take a look at the mailing label on each issue of Voice.  Even if your membership is current, you may want to consider extending it now, to take advantage of these discounts!

If you are not currently a member, now is a great time to take advantage of the new discounted rates.

To join or renew and learn more about the benefits of membership, see our website.

New Referral Rewards Program

We know that recommendations from other homeschoolers are one of the best ways to grow our organization, and we’d like to reward our members who tell fellow homeschoolers about us.

So we’ve decided to give a one-year membership extension as a gift to any member who recruits 5 new members for VaHomeschoolers.

Why not take your issue of Voice to your next homeschool support group or park day gathering, and share VaHomeschoolers with your friends?  It’s a great deal for them and for you!

Be sure to ask your friends to indicate (either on the paper form or in the space provided online) that you referred them when they purchase their new memberships!

If you have any questions, please email Christi Macomber, our Membership Coodinator.

Recurring Monthly Donations

Now you can get the ease of automatically spreading your donations throughout the year and know that you are helping simplify VaHomeschoolers’ planning processes.

To make a recurring monthly donation, go to the VaHomeschoolers Donation page and set up a subscription through Paypal. The subscription will continue each month until you cancel it.

You can now donate $5, $10, $20 or more each month and know that you are helping to defray the cost of providing services and support to homeschoolers throughout the Commonwealth.

Thank you for your support!

VaHomeschoolers is a non-profit public charity with 501(c)(3) status; your donation is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. A financial statement is available from the Virginia Division of Consumer Affairs upon request.

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