VaHomeschoolers Helps Manassas City Homeschoolers

In response to inquiries from homeschooling parents, VaHomeschoolers’ school division liaison team met this week with Dr. Michaelene Meyer, Deputy Superintendant of Curriculum & Instruction for Manassas City Public Schools.  One parent reported receiving incorrect information about filing paperwork to begin homeschooling mid-year, and another had experienced delays in receiving an acknowledgement letter from the school division, which was necessary in order to use an online driver’s education program.  Dr. Meyer was very welcoming of VaHomeschoolers’ request for a meeting, and expressed Manassas City Public Schools’ commitment to establishing and maintaining a positive working relationship with homeschooling families in Manassas.  VaHomeschoolers is pleased to report that both families’ concerns have been resolved, and that MCPS will be updating its homeschooling regulations to reflect Virginia’s current homeschooling statute, including its most recent amendments, which took effect July 1, 2008.  Dr. Meyer is new to her position, and asked us to let homeschooling families in Manassas City know that she would be pleased to speak directly with them about any concerns or questions they may have.  She can be reached at (571) 377-6006 or 

If you ever have questions or concerns about how your school division is handling homeschooling issues, please contact VaHomeschoolers.  Our school division liaison team would be happy to assist you.  Our goal is to establish and maintain positive relationships between school divisions and homeschooling families throughout the Commonwealth.  School divisions are very responsive to our inquiries, and we are generally able to resolve issues with a single call, email or meeting.  Remember, you don’t even have to be a VaHomeschoolers member to call our toll-free Helpline at (866) 513-6173 or to email us at  We hope that you will consider becoming a member, however, in order to support this important work as well as our other efforts on behalf of all Virginia homeschoolers.

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