Plenty of Henty

Don’t you think that free things are wonderful? I sure do. That’s why I was stunned and amazed by this opportunity to get a lot of  G.A. Henty‘s books for free. I don’t know about you, but my son and I beat a hasty path to the door of our library every other week. And my B&N and Amazon accounts can be staggering (according to my husband). So I was all over this offer.

Mr. Henty was an author from the mid-1800’s. His stories are mainly historical adventures. Many of them are violent and some are politically incorrect in similar ways to those books that we know and love by Mark Twain. But I know a lot of boys who love these stories. And getting boys to read can be quite a challenge.

Here’s how you can get your free books: Unless you have your own Kindle or something similar, you will have to download the free Kindle for PC program right onto your computer. But it’s very easy and pretty nice to have on your PC.

Then you start picking and choosing from  Henty’s extensive collection of stories. It’s very easy and mom friendly. My son downloaded thirteen books within ten minutes time. This is a limited time offer through Amazon, so take advantage while you can.

You can find other free Kindle books by typing “free” in the search bar. Many of the classics, that we’d love our children to explore, can be found for free using this option.

I also recently learned that we can give back to VaHomeschoolers in a small way by going to through the VaHomeschoolers Bookstore.  Just click the link at the top of the page and purchase as usual. VaHomeschoolers gets a tiny portion of the proceeds from anything that you purchase. Now that’s an easy way to help out!

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2 comments to Plenty of Henty

  • Darren

    Thank you so much for letting me know about this! I’ve been wanting to get some Henty for my son.

  • GA Henty did not write from the mid-1800s as Robin Martin writes ! His first book for boys was published in England in 1871. I do however admire his enthusiasm for Henty stories, much as members of The Henty Society always have done. See for anyone wishing to know more about the Society and learn more about the man via thrice yearly Society Bulletins. I still love reading the books, especially as they taught me much of my history still remembered today. There was no such thing as political correctness back then and those that tend to criticise, no-one here I hasten to add, are ignoring the fact that pc is a modern invention by misguided idiots who fail to recognise that views some 100 years and more ago were pretty much as everyone thought then. Today it is sadly different and these misguided idiots are trying to rewrite history to reflect their current and frankly idiotic views. Ouch ! These are my personal views and I despise the modern day critics ! Henty is as popular today, with very many publishers of his works, as he was some 100 yeras ago. Long may it continue.

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