Revolutionary War Encampment

Living in the good old state of Virginia provides us with so many opportunities for living history education. I almost missed this opportunity but got notification of it in my email this morning. This is not very good notice, but I wanted to pass it on in case anybody was still looking for cool, FREE […]

Teacher Workshop at SMV

Come to the Science Museum of Virginia for a FREE teacher workshop on Saturday, May 21 (9 am to 2 pm). That includes homeschooling teachers! It features a “behind the scenes look” at our newest traveling exhibit, Great Balls of Fire. Learn the science behind comets and asteroids, plus take field trip tips and […]

Multiplication Array Cards

My friend, Jennifer, over at Toad Haven Homeschool, always has such great ideas. This week she posted about using array cards to help your kids learn about multiplication and division. She gave such a great visual explanation for the processes that we thought we should pass it along to anyone who is not already […]

Calling All Homeschool Grads!

Is your son or daughter getting ready to make the transition from homeschooling to the wider world of college, an apprenticeship, or full-time employment? Or maybe finishing up a technical program, at a community college or at a 4-year school and transitioning on to something new? VaHomeschoolers Voice, our member magazine, would like to hear […]

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