Mainly Marine

For those homeschoolers who have a science kid, or for those homeschoolers who think their kids could be science kids, this field trip is for you. Last weekend we came back from a field trip to the Marine Science Consortium and I just have to share. It is by far the most fun field trip […]

VaHomeschoolers Marketplace

This is the time of year when I am all revved up, looking for supplies and curriculum for the upcoming year. An easy way to do your searching is to use our VaHomeschoolers Marketplace, which is a hop and a link over to the VaHomeschoolers webpage.

Just click on the tab at the top of […]

Photo Theme of the Month

We’d like to start a new feature here at VaHomeschoolers Connection. We’ll introduce a theme and hopefully, you’ll submit photos that go with the theme. Simply head over to our VaHomeschoolers Facebook page and submit your photos there.

Our first theme will be ‘Homeschooling in Unusual Places’.


Homeschooler Wins Local PBS Writing Contest!

Nathan Christensen, 11, a resident of Lake Ridge, traveled to Harrisonburg on May 11 to read his short story “Huskoo and the Whale” for a taping at Virginia’s Public Television (WVPT), an affiliate of Public Broadcasting Service. Nathan won first place in the fifth grade division of WVPT’s PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest.

After this […]

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