A Bit of Math Refreshment

This morning I was perusing the blogosphere looking for some new and exciting math sites. This is what I found:

The Map is Not the Territory – Our good friend, Jeanne Faulkner, sent me to this site and I found lots of entertaining, fun posts about helping your little ones use math while also integrating art, dance and exercise. Very interesting!

Math (Blog) – For older kids, like mine, this site has wonderful posts about using math to explain cool concepts. My favorite was the post examining the math behind the TV series, Numb3ers.

Homeschool Math Blog – this site was full of ideas, worksheets, reviews, articles and links to other math sites. The author posts some excellent videos to explain math concepts in a very relate-able way.

Let’s Play Math – Boy! I got a lot out of this one! Even though my son is in middle school, he still struggles with one basic concept; multiplication tables. So I loved the post on How to Conquer the Times Tables, part 1;   part 2;  and part 3.

Pi Crust – Here is another math site for middle to high schoolers. The author is a math teacher with an artistic leaning. What’s interesting about this site is she explains how she goes about designing her courses. I really liked the integration of computer programs, too.

Hopefully, you’ve found something here to spark your math creativity and that you’ve had a dose of math refreshment. I know I need it every now and then!

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2 comments to A Bit of Math Refreshment

  • Thank you for the link to my blog! I’m glad you are enjoying my Times Table Series. There are two more parts to come, both of which talk about prealgebra topics — perfect for a middle school student. Part 4, on the square numbers, should be posted next Monday…

  • I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. I just started it about a month ago and am finding it to be a wonderful resource for collaboration. Writing the posts helps me think more carefully about what I’m teaching.

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