Machine Embroidered Diploma

Every once in a while we get suggestions for blog posts from the homeschooling community. This one was suggested by a reader and we loved it! It’s a diploma that you can make for your child’s graduation. So adorable!

Here is an excerpt from Kathy Pierce’s blog, The Sewing Spot:

Yes.  Really.  You can embroider your child’s diploma, paint one, make it a collage, you name it…when you homeschool in the U.S.  I think virtually everyone still does paper, but hey, homeschooling is very individualized and so is this diploma that I made for dd’s high school graduation.  It seemed to suit her and it’s fun and different.  Well, maybe not fun since I was aiming for something rather formal looking within the confines of my embroidery machine.  I don’t have the software to manipulate fonts and all that so I was limited in what I could do.                  Read More….


Kathy is a long-time VaHomeschoolers volunteer. Her eldest daughter recently headed off to college and she has two more children still homeschooling. One of her children has requested a wooden diploma when it’s their turn.

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