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VaHomeschoolers needs your help! Volunteering for your inclusive, statewide homeschool organization is a great way to meet new people, make friends, bulk up your resume, and best of all, show your support and appreciation for all the benefits you receive from membership.

Volunteering is a great way to ‘pay it forward!’ while serving the larger homeschooling community.

The following volunteer positions are appropriate for adults or responsible teens. Please share them with your spouses, children and relatives. Your help is urgently needed and will make a difference!

If you have the skills and time available, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Clay at

Website Administrator Assistant

Work with website administrator in performing support tasks such as adding new pages, updating existing pages, and fixing broken links. Assist in ongoing clean-up of website in preparation for conversion to WordPress as part of the ongoing website re-design process.

Appropriate for: Homeschooling parent or experienced homeschool high school student.

Requisite skills: Experience creating and/or managing a website. Familiarity with WordPress required; HTML experience a bonus. Strong editing skills. Good communications skills via email. Ability to take direction.

Time commitment: During website conversion process, three to four hours/week. After conversion, one to three hours/week.

Email List Coordinator

Oversee the operation of the VaHomeschoolers email list using Aweber ( Add new members as needed, assist non-technical users in the creation of new broadcast messages, troubleshoot occasional coding issues that arise while creating messages (requires knowledge of HTML).

Appropriate for: Homeschooling parent or experienced homeschool high school student.

Requisite skills: Must be comfortable with online editing processes. Familiarity with HTML and Excel a must. Strong troubleshooting skills combined with . Good communications skills via email.

Time commitment: Variable based on needs (more when the General Assembly is in session and the period leading up to the Conference). On average, five to six hours per month.

Homeschool Group Page Administrator

Serve as contact point for homeschool groups who wish to be included on the VaHomeschoolers’ Homeschool Groups page. Receive requests for additions and changes, coordinate with website administrator to ensure changes are made and provide follow-up with group representative. Perform periodic reviews of homeschool group links to ensure they are still active.

Appropriate for: Homeschooling parent or mature homeschool high school student.

Requisite skills: Strong online communication, writing and organizational skills. Ability to politely nag website administrator.

Time commitment: Variable based on needs. Rarely more than 1 hour/week.

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