Teen Tackles Homeschooling Myths in Local Newspaper

Andrew McCullough, a thirteen-year-old homeschooled student in Powhatan, tackled some big myths about homeschooling last month and was given space in the local newspaper, Powhatan Today.  Andrew, whose family are members of The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers, aspires to be a journalist or an engineer. This article was his fourth for Powhatan Today. 

Chances are, you’ve met a homeschooler. You may even be good friends with one. But it’s kind of rare to actually be one – only about 3 percent of the kids in the U.S. get their schooling at home. However, just because they’re unique doesn’t mean there are as many differences between homeschoolers and public-schoolers as one might expect. There are a quite a few misconceptions surrounding homeschooling, and some could not be further from the truth – for example, have you ever heard that all homeschoolers are devoutly religious, socially isolated, or are geeks? In reality, they’re just like “normal kids,” and they and their families come in just as many shapes and sizes as public-schoolers. Here are some more answers to the myths that are most widely believed but just aren’t true…

Myth 1: Homeschoolers don’t have a rigorous school day or academic life.
It can be easy to jump to a conclusion like this when you see kids out-and-about during the day. However, the majority of homeschoolers have a very intense academic life, though perhaps not in accordance with a traditional schedule. They often school on weekends, evenings and even vacations – whenever opportunity and education best align. Homeschoolers also can be taught with a different educational style than a public-schooled student; a little looser, and very personalized to a student’s strengths and weaknesses, which can make for a more efficient school day. In general, homeschooled students work hard and learn a lot, just like their public-schooled friends. Remember, it’s not always the amount of time spent or the level of structure at a school, but the results reaped from it.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking the link below:

My Point of View by Andrew McCullough for Powhatan Today

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4 comments to Teen Tackles Homeschooling Myths in Local Newspaper

  • sherri wooddell

    I am a first year home schooler and I chose this route for many reasons. One of them is because our public schools are extremely over crowded. My son has A.D.D. and having desks basically stacked on top of one another is not a condusive learning environment for him. There are reasons such as bullying and so on. Not to mention, a lack of supplies and books. My mother-in-law has been a teacher’s aid for about 40 years and so you can imagine the flack I recieve from her on a daily basis. I just want to give my son the education he deserves and I feel he won’t receive that our public shcools in Warren County, Va. The othe day, we were studying about the nervous system in the human body and my mother-in-law was concerned that we weren’t studying onimonipias because that is what the 5th grade public shool system is studying at the moment. She told me that he shouldn’t be studying the nervous system because that is not what “they study” in 5th grade. Has our whole world gone mad?
    Sherri Wooddell

  • Is there another direct link for the full article? The link above seems to go only to the main site instead of the article itself.

  • Robin Martin

    Kerry, I’m sorry. I think the newspaper has deleted the article from their site.

  • No problem, Robin…thanks for following up!

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