Volunteer Spotlight on Connie Duncan



     “It was perfect timing for me to step into the job.”



Connie Duncan of New Market, is one of our most essential unsung heroes. Connie has just been elected to the Board of Directors and now serves as Board Treasurer.

In 2012, Connie volunteered to assist our then current Treasurer, Lois Curling, with a few tasks, such as sending receipts for donations. After a few months, she agreed to join the Board of Directors and became our Treasurer in January 2013.

Former Treasurer Lois shares, “Since then, Connie has patiently and diligently learned what is required of a treasurer of a non-profit organization, not only becoming acquainted with the software we use for recording income and expense transactions, but also helping to draft a budget for the Board of Directors to approve, providing financial reports to the BOD, assisting with fundraising, paying bills, reimbursing volunteers, acknowledging donations, and learning about the various forms that a non-profit must submit each year to state and federal agencies.

Connie has an amazing capacity to quickly absorb a huge amount of information and put it to use. VaHomeschoolers is especially fortunate that she has many years of work experience in the accounting field, as well. Being treasurer of an organization as dynamic as VaHomeschoolers is a big job, since there are so many service programs to keep up with, but Connie is up to the task and VaHomeschoolers finances are in good hands.”

Even though she resides in Shenandoah County, Connie was raised in Springfield and graduated from George Mason University with a degree in accounting. She and her husband have one child who just finished homeschooling last June, and he is studying now at Lord Fairfax Community College.

Last year we attended the annual homeschool conference and I learned that the treasurer was ending her term at the end of the year,” remembers Connie. “At the time, my son was going through the college application process. I knew that I was going to miss homeschooling and I was dreading the empty nest syndrome. With my background in finance, I thought it was perfect timing for me to step into the job.”

Connie has been a VaHomeschoolers member for many years. “I appreciate that this is an inclusive group. My family benefited from the information that they provide, the important work that they do with our state legislators, and from the conferences that we attended. I am grateful that this organization is here to support homeschoolers and I want to use my skills to give back to this group. I want homeschooling to remain an option for other families and possibly someday my grandchildren.

Connie is a wonderful addition to the board and has made the transition to treasurer seamlessly,” says VaHomeschoolers President Parrish Mort. “She was able to train with Lois Curling, our outgoing treasurer, for most of a year. It is always tough to join a new board and Connie’s start was even more challenging since the first month included drafting a budget, filing government paperwork, paying first quarter bills and handling conference registration that just opened. Yet she has made it appear effortless. Treasurer is not a job that just can anyone can handle or would want. We are so fortunate and grateful to have her volunteering her talents in this position.”

We need more people like Connie! Do you have a professional skill, something you really enjoy doing? We’re in need of people with experience in graphic design, public relations and fundraising. You’d be surprised at how much you can help us out, even by volunteering only an hour here and there. Please email Volunteers@VaHomeschoolers.org for more information. Check out our webpage for ‘Help Wanted’ notices. Even if you don’t find a particular job that suits you, go ahead and fill out an application and we’ll help you find your perfect slot!

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