Missing out on our Facebook Posts?


by Ann Clay

Are you a Facebook fan? VaHomeschoolers has been managing its own page since March 2009. Now well into our fifth year, we are posting a lot more!

Due to the growth of our organization and the interest in homeschooling, we now post several times a day! In addition to this blog, we tell you about upcoming events and classes, and share quotes and thoughts about parenting and homeschooling. Members can contribute photos and stories about their experiences.

Some of our followers are having trouble getting our updates. That is, they have ‘liked’ our Facebook page but are not seeing our daily posts in their News Feeds.  We’re here to help you with your settings so that you don’t miss any or all of VaHomeschoolers’ information.

First, go to our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/VaHomeschoolers

Now move your cursor to the right center part of the heading, just under our ‘cover’ photo (the big photo we put at the top of our page). There is a box that says either “Like” or “Liked.” If it says “Like” you have not yet liked our page, and you will not see any of our updates. If it says “Liked,” that means you have already liked us. However, liking us is not enough!

Either way, go ahead and click on that Like (Liked) box. If you just let your cursor hover over it, you will see a drop down menu. You will see this list:

  • Get Notifications

  • Show in News Feed

  • Settings….

  • Add to Interest lists…

  • Unlike

Go to the second item on the list, ‘Show in News Feed.’  Click on that phrase so that it shows a black checkmark to the left of it. This means that every time you open your own news feed and scroll down,  whatever we post on the VaHomeschoolers Facebook page will be in your list, or feed.

Now, go back again to the Like (Liked) box and go to the third item on the list, ‘Settings…’ You will get another drop down menu. Your choices are:

  • All Updates

  • Most Updates

  • Only Important

Unless you click on ‘All Updates,’ you are not going to see all of our posts.  Make sure that there is a black checkmark to the left of ‘All Updates.’

Finally, go  back to that Like (Liked) menu one last time and click on ‘Get Notifications.’ You may see a black checkmark to the left of it. If you don’t see that black checkmark, click on ‘Get Notifications.’ That means that you are asking Facebook to send you a notification whenever we post something on Facebook. You can see your notifications on your own News Feed in the blue bar at the top. There is a little world icon. If it has a red box with white numbers in it, that means you have new notifications.  Click on that icon and you will see a list of all the notifications from your friends and other pages you have liked.

You’re still not done! Even though completing these steps will increase the possibility that you will see our posts in your feed, the best way to ensure this is to actually visit our  Facebook page and post on it a couple of times a week. When you ‘Like’ one of our posts or comment on one, Facebook’s algorithm will learn that VaHomeschoolers is very important to you, so it will send you more updates.

There’s another really good reason to actually visit our Facebook page.  We are not the only ones who post to our page. Anyone who is on Facebook can post there. Subscribers ask questions, suggest field trips and classes, and share blog posts and articles. Sometimes we re-post these items under our own name, but it’s not always possible. You will not see any of these posts unless you visit our Facebook page.

Seems like an awful lot of trouble, doesn’t it? Just remember that Facebook is a business, and although free to all users they do have options which encourage us to purchase  advertising to boost the visibility of our posts. Although this would make it easier for you to receive all of our posts on your News Feed, VaHomeschoolers would like to use that money in ways that more directly help you, our members, so we don’t want to pay Facebook if at all possible. By going through the steps above, you won’t miss anything, and you’ll get all of our updates , at least 5 per weekday.

When you have set your settings the way you like them, please share this information with your other homeschooling friends who use Facebook. Thanks for taking the time to do this. You won’t be disappointed.


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