My New Year Wish for You

Parrish Mort, Cartersville

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My hopes for you in 2014  –

dos and donts


do 1  see the appreciation in your child’s eyes for your willingness to support them where they are – even when they are angry at you for the extra math problems.

dont 1  doubt that it matters.


do 1  delight in and value your child’s gifts.  Every child has them; they just look different on each one.

dont 1  compare your child to others.


do 1   have faith in yourself.  No one is perfect; no one has all the answers.  Every day is not a great day, but you love your child, and by homeschooling you have committed to doing what you think is best for them even when it is hard.

dont 1  sell yourself short.


do 1  recognize that questioning homeschooling, and how you homeschool, is healthy. The questioning helps you to refocus thus making your decisions and actions stronger, more effective, and more loving.

dont 1  overthink it.


do 1  have faith in your child.  Believe that if you provide the guidance, they will eventually do the rest.  Trust they will read and figure out long division.  Know they will be good citizens and independent thinkers. It just may be on their timetable, their way.

dont 1  rush the timetable or force the method.


do 1   take the time to celebrate each teachable moment.  Remember to stop and observe the lizard sunning on the stoop, marvel at the magic of yeast dough rising and look up the answers to the question your child posed.  Throughout the day we are offered chances to grow personally, intellectually and in our relationships

dont 1  miss the chance.


do 1  recognize the floors will always need vacuuming, there will always be laundry and getting dressed is overrated.  Take the time to live in the moment with your children.  They will move on to other passions before you know it.

dont 1  miss the moment.


do 1  remember how fortunate you are to be able to home school your child – that it is legal and that it is an option for your family financially.

dont 1  judge others who are not as lucky.


do 1  support VaHomeschoolers this year with your time, talent and treasure.  We need all three.

dont 1 think it doesn’t matter or it can wait.  Give your support today.

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