You Oughta Be In Pictures

Photo by Parrish Mort

Photo by Parrish Mort

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your photos in a published magazine or on the web?  VaHomeschoolers could make it happen! 

You’ve probably already seen our bi-monthly, full color, homeschool magazine VaHomeschoolers Voice (and if you haven’t, you should join VaHomeschoolers so you can get a free subscription).  Almost all the beautiful pictures are taken by photographers just like YOU. 

We are currently accepting photos for possible publication in our magazine or email announcements.  Our Voice Photo Editor, Michele Kendzie, has simplified the process to make photo submission easier.  Just click the link below that will take you to our photo archive site and walk you through the process.  Photos should be submitted full-size (full resolution) so they can be adjusted to fit to articles and announcements.

Our goal is to build an archive of homeschool-related photos, so even if we don’t use your picture(s) right away, keep watching for it in the future.  Any work we use will, of course, be credited. 

Don’t know what type of thing we’re looking for?  Here’s just a short list of pictures we’d love to see, but we’ll take anything homeschool-related you’d like to share.  (And while we love pictures of students, not all the photos need to include them.)

  • Seasonal photos with kids (especially for the magazine cover)
  • Field trips
  • Museums/landmarks/monuments
  • Toys & Games (classic or new)
  • Animals (Pets/Zoo/Farm/Wild)
  • Science/computer/technology items
  • Nature
  • Kids playing sports/exercising
  • Food/cooking
  • Art/Dance/Music
  • Holidays/Traditions
  • Camping
  • Kids doing anything homeschool-y!

Click HERE to see our photo guidelines and submit your pictures.  And before you go, enjoy a few examples of some great photos we’ve received in the past.

Cracking Open a New School Year at the Childrens Museum in Richmond.
Photo by Michele Kendzie

Marine Science Camp Photo by Aynsley Kealiher

Marine Science Camp
Photo by Aynsley Kealiher

Making their own “thinking caps”
Photo by Amy Wilson

Rearing back for a shot on goal. Photo by Rob Vietmeyer

Rearing back for a shot on goal.
Photo by Rob Vietmeyer

Photo by Stephanie Elms

Photo by Stephanie Elms
Homeschoolers Climbing at Ginter Gardens Photo by Heather Smithson

Homeschoolers Climbing at Ginter Gardens
Photo by Heather Smithson

Learning to paddle a solo kayak
Photo by Rachel Roberts



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