Volunteer Spotlight on Theresa Munt

A Quiet Voice behind VOICE

by DeeDee Sauter

Most stories have a beginning, a middle and an end.

The story of the Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers bi-monthly published magazine, VaHomeschoolers Voice, began with Theresa Munt and Jeanne Faulconer.


Theresa Munt... with Theresa Munt!

Theresa Munt… with Theresa Munt!


This bi-monthly magazine is now a staple of communication and information for the Organization not only in Virginia, but across the nation due its professional look and expertise in this educational option. According to Parrish Mort, VaHomeschoolers Executive Director,  “Theresa is a quiet voice behind the scenes and deserves more credit than most for our image.”

Jeanne Faulconer, previous editor, credits Theresa with the success of VaHomeschoolers Voice even before it was a magazine. The project began as a black and white newsletter intended to initiate statewide correspondence and a sense of belonging. After all, homeschoolers are not alone and need a medium in which to connect with one another.

It was with her dedication, vision and artistic skill as a graphic designer that Theresa was able to write the beginning of the VaHomeschoolers Voice story. First, it grew as a two-color print magazine and then expanded into the gorgeous full four-color print publication that we see in our mailboxes every two months.

Jeanne explained, “Since I was editor at the time, Theresa and I worked closely in developing the new publication and its updated full color version a few years later. Theresa’s design opened our eyes to what a homeschooling magazine could be – inviting, creatively designed, professional, up-to-date, and warm – in addition to being well written and informative.”

Theresa had initiative and was able to either enhance the editor’s vision or fill in and complete the task at hand if family obligations affected anyone else on the team. She worked with almost everyone and understood how to incorporate corrections, doctored photos and other art while communicating with the photographers, writers, editors, the publisher and the printer to ensure no issue was published below standard.

Theresa’s skill and dedication are only two characteristics that describe her, but they simply cannot encompass who she is and what she has accomplished for both the Organization and homeschoolers statewide.

An all-volunteer job, Theresa none-the-less treated her position as Voice designer “as though it were a professional job – on time, on budget, on mission, on spec, and on target,” said Jeanne.

Parrish Mort talked both of Theresa’s dedication to the magazine’s success by donating over $50,000 worth of services annually and her infectious positive attitude. Parrish noted, “Theresa is one of the easiest people I have ever worked with. She is committed, flexible, full of ideas, willing to pitch in when extra work is needed and always so pleasant and positive. Working on Voice, often understaffed and under a deadline, can be very stressful but she never faltered in her upbeat attitude. When she joined the board, those same principles shown through in all her projects. I truly believe that VaHomeschoolers would not be as great today if it were not for Theresa and her many contributions.”

Jeanne echoed the sentiments, “She worked with me cheerfully and diligently, and if she ever felt exasperated with the process of pulling a boatload of volunteers through a publication design process, she never complained to me.”

“Instead, she offered suggestions to make things smoother. She offered innovations to make the magazine better. She offered ways she could be flexible — while setting an example of keeping homeschooling her daughter a priority.”

The story of the magazine, VaHomeschoolers Voice, would not have had a middle without Theresa Munt and her expertise. Next time you flip though the magazine, feel free to look at the quality of the publication and know that without volunteers like Theresa, VaHomeschoolers would be never be able to enjoy the story so richly.


The beautiful September/October issue of Voice is the last one designed by Theresa.  Take special note of all the beautiful design elements inside that make Voice so special.

The beautiful September/October issue of Voice is the last one designed by Theresa. Take special note of all the beautiful design elements inside that make Voice so special.


Theresa has now resigned as graphic editor for Voice but lucky for us the story does not end.  She has passed the reins on so that what she helped create can continue to support homeschoolers for years to come.

We thank Theresa for all she has given and for her continued support of VaHomeschoolers as a Regional Coordinator.

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