Elemental Fun with the Sassafras Twins

A Sassafras Science Adventure Series Review
by Krystal McDonald 

elemental science


My now 9 year old son and I discovered Paige Hudson’s and Johnny Congo’s “Sassafras Science Adventures” series last year at the VaHomeschoolers Conference. Hudson had a booth featuring her curriculum and Sassafras Science Adventure Books.

What a great find!  My son loves to hear about the Sassafras Twins Adventures.  This growing set of stories centers on a twin brother-sister pair, Blaine and Tracey, as they travel the globe using their Uncle Cecil’s invisible zip lines while they are simultaneously introduced to various areas of science.  The first Adventure is Zoology.  We started with this installment last summer for leisure family reading and as a great way to emphasize many of the things we learned in an unrelated biomes class we had already completed.  My son was hooked within the first chapter.  Every day he begged me to read more so he could see where the zip lines would next transport the twins and to learn about the new animals they would encounter.

Diego, my son, told everyone about the series. When prompted to give a review, he proudly stepped into the role of Sassafras advocate and emulated his best critic voice, “It is fun to read the book and write down facts you learn. Everything you do is based on a story line.  You get to study different subjects.  The only thing I don’t like much is the writing but that is because I don’t like to write.”

This past fall, we decided to make anatomy the focus of our at home science.  We decided to purchase the entire set: the book, logbook, activity guide and science kit for a quick and easy science curriculum.  We have enjoyed the continued travel around the globe and how Paige and Johnny have been able to weave anatomy into the story line. My son has been able to review anatomy, geography, writing and reading practice all through this curriculum.

But the fun isn’t over yet.  Up next for us: Botany!


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