Biggest Children’s Book Festival on the East Coast Returns to Farmville, VA


By Lina Roberts


For as long as Juanita Giles can remember, her hometown public school system has struggled. And while her community may not be alone, with nearly half of all children in the United States living in low-income families, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, her county is among the hardest […]

Family Camp at Holliday Lake State Park

Family Camp at Holliday Lake State Park

Holliday Lake 4-H Education Center in Appomattox, VA

“What a great week of fun for such a low price! And the setting is just lovely. We took a side trip to Appomatox Courthouse for the history.” ~ Ann Clay

Family camp offers the […]

Whoo is lobbying on behalf of homeschoolers in Virginia’s General Assembly?

VaHomeschoolers’ Government Affairs team, that’s who! While they were “walking the halls,” speaking to legislators about this year’s homeschool sports access bills, VaHomeschoolers lobbyist Scott Price and Government Affairs Director Amy Wilson were lucky enough to meet this adorable little screech owl at the General Assembly Building. The little fella was there doing his […]

Kids’ Tech University

Dr. Reinhard Laubenbacher (Dr. L)

“Both my daughter and my son have participated in Kids’ Tech, and our family had a great experience. It was a boost to my kids’ ability to see themselves as scholars and scientists, to be treated like college students. They loved the campus experience as well, and now the […]

2013 Homeschooler Science Programs at the Marine Science Consortium

Cade Martin explores inter-tidal adventures at the MSC

My son has taken part in this wonderful, hands-on science experience for the last two years and we fully expect to go back. It’s the most fun we’ve ever had on a science field trip. ~ Robin Martin – Editor

These are Science Adventure Programs […]

Mainly Marine

For those homeschoolers who have a science kid, or for those homeschoolers who think their kids could be science kids, this field trip is for you. Last weekend we came back from a field trip to the Marine Science Consortium and I just have to share. It is by far the most fun field trip […]

Revolutionary War Encampment

Living in the good old state of Virginia provides us with so many opportunities for living history education. I almost missed this opportunity but got notification of it in my email this morning. This is not very good notice, but I wanted to pass it on in case anybody was still looking for cool, FREE […]

Celebrate Science: USA Science & Engineering Festival

On the weekend of October 23 and 24, the National Mall in Washington D.C. will be the site of the first-ever national Science and Engineering Expo, with performances and activities for kids, teens and families. The two-day Expo will include more than 1,500 hands-on activities and over 75 stage shows. In the words of the […]

SMV’s NEW Science Rewards for Homeschoolers!

Balancing the homeschooling family’s budget can be tough, and we’re always looking for ways to save even as we seek out great educational experiences for our kids. Discounted admissions to museums, such as the Science Museum of Virginia, in Richmond, can really help homeschoolers enrich our curriculum. Unfortunately, tough times affect museums too, and SMV […]

Visit Burwell-Morgan Mill in Clarke County

There are some beautiful fall weekends ahead of us, and it’s a great season for homeschoolers to visit the lovely and historic Burwell-Morgan Mill in the Shenandoah Valley.

Burwell-Morgan Mill, Millwood, VA

Nick and I visited the old stone mill in August, and it was fascinating for a 12-year-old and his mom. The Clarke […]

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