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Reasons to Support HB 947: Homeschool Sports Access

Homeschool Sports Access

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report – January 27, 2012

Sports Access Hearing Rescheduled.

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report – January 26, 2012

House Subcommittee Passes Sports Access and Curriculum Description Bills; Senate Curriculum Description Bill to Be Considered Next Week.

Press Release: Sports Access Bill Passes Subcommittee

Press Release: Sports Access Bill Passes Subcommittee

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report – January 24, 2012

Your Help Needed – Sports Access Bills.

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report – January 16, 2012

New General Assembly Session Begins – Sports (and more) Access, Homeschool Expenses Tax Credit, Curriculum Description Bills Expected, Driver Licensing, Homestead Exemption for Homeschooling Materials

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report: December 16, 2011

VaHomeschoolers Invited to Meet with Governor’s Policy Advisors.

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report – November 22, 2011

Sports Access Subcommittee Votes to “Pass By Indefinitely” HB 2395

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report: October 20, 2011

VaHomeschoolers Meeting With Virginia Department of Education.

VaHomeschoolers Legislative Report: October 5, 2011

Sports Access Options Discussed by Special Subcommittee.

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