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Dealing With the Inevitable Homeschool Panic

By Stephanie Elms, Annandale, November-December 2015

Shift Happens

By Stephanie Elms, Annadale, March 2014.

A Case Study: Learning Against the Grain

by Stephanie Elms, Annandale, September-October 2010

The Costs of Homeschooling

by Leslie Nathaniel, Springfield, July-August 2010

Perfect Homeschooling Parents, Raise Your Hands

By Amy Wilson, Woodbridge, March-April 2010

Moments of Doubt, Moments of Grace

by Parrish Mort, Cartersville, March-April 2008

Homeschool Guarantee: Read the Fine Print

By Jeanne Faulconer, South Hill, Edgewise, March-April 2007

What if Homeschooling Is Not Working?

By Jeanne Faulconer, South Hill, Edgewise, January-February 2007

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