Education Options for Suspended/Expelled Youth

Families of suspended/expelled youth  are sometimes told by school division employees to investigate “homeschooling” as an option for their student.  Often these employees are confusing “homeschooling” (parent-directed education of children outside the public schools) with other home-based options available through the public schools.

Suspended/expelled youth have many options, depending on the resources available in your community. Depending on where you live, this might include:

Virginia Public School Programs

  • Instruction through a public school regional Alternative Education Center program serving your community. These centers offer academics, counseling, and other services to students who have been suspended or expelled. Centers may provide on-site instruction or “instruction in the home”.
  • “Homebound instruction” through the public school system
  • Instruction in the home” through a public school virtual school program, like the K12 Inc Virtual Academies

 To find out more about these public school options, contact the guidance counselor at your student’s public school (sometimes referred to as a “base school” or even a “home school”) or contact the Alternative Education Center serving your community.

Private School or Homeschooling Options

  • Enrollment in a tuition-charging private school or boarding school
  • Enrollment in a tuition-charging accredited correspondence school or distance learning high school program
  • Parent-directed homeschooling or “Home Instruction“, where the parents or guardians are responsible for designing/coordinating the student’s curriculum and educating their student at home

Diplomas and the GED

Earning a high school diploma is an important goal for many suspended/expelled youth. Your student may be able to earn a diploma through an alternative public school program, private school, or accredited correspondence school or distance learning program. Contact the school or program of your choice to explore your options.  Homeschooled students do not earn high school diplomas from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

If your suspended/expelled student is age 18 or older, he may be eligible to take the GED and earn an equivalent high school diploma. The counselor at your student’s public school will have more information on this option.

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