Optional Notice of Intent Form

The Home Instruction Statute (§22.1-254.1) does not require that you use a form when filing your NOI and many homeschoolers choose to provide a letter instead, due to the often inaccurate wording of and extra information requested on the forms provided by local school divisions. However, some homeschoolers have found that using a form may expedite administration in some local school divisions.

You can download a copy of this form, complete it, and send it to your local superintendent of schools.

Note: There is some debate over whether homeschoolers need to provide birth date as it is not specifically required in the homeschool statute. While this information is not specifically asked for in the law, a case can be made that it is not unreasonable for this information to be included. Please feel free to modify the form provided as you see fit.

For additional information on preparing your NOI, see Filing Your NOI.

Note: A curriculum description is defined in the home instruction regulations as “a list of subjects to be studied during the upcoming year.” You do not need to provide a book list or table of contents with your NOI in order to comply with the law. For more information about the level of detail required for your program of study/curriculum description, see All About Curriculum Descriptions.

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