Virginia Attorney General Opinions

Families who homeschool based on the Religious Exemption may be interested to read a few Attorney General opinions that a school board has the right to review a family’s claim for Religious Exemption every few years or even annually.  Religious beliefs, however sincere at a point in time, may change. Thus the school board’s recognition of an exemption could theoretically change as well.  If so asked, the family could simply write to the school board, informing them that their status was unchanged

Read opinions by Attorney General Gerald Baliles and Attorney General Mary Sue Terry regarding a school board’s right to review claims for Religious Exemption:

Attorney General Baliles May 1984 Opinion

Attorney General Baliles Nov 1984 Opinion

Attorney General Terry Nov 1988 Opinion

The following court decision involved a dispute between Prince William County School Board and a family who homeschooled via the Religious Exemption:

Johnson vs. Prince William County School Board



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