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Welcome to The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers’ online resource center for legislators and legislative staff.  We hope that you will find the information you need.

VaHomeschoolers is Virginia’s leading homeschool organization.  Since 1993, we have played a central role in helping to craft the Commonwealth’s home instruction statute and related legislation.  Our lobbyists work closely with legislators on both sides of the aisle on issues of concern to the homeschooling community, including the home instruction statute, the tutor and religious exemption provisions, driver education, truancy, curfews, tax credits, and access to public school programs and services.  We avoid issues of a religious or partisan political nature, and issues which do not pertain to homeschooling.

We ensure that legislators and their staff have access to comprehensive, accurate information about homeschooling in Virginia.  We are happy to share our extensive experience with lawmakers, policymakers, administrators and educators.  We provide informative, effective speakers for conferences, workshops, seminars and professional gatherings.

Our entire website is at your disposal, but we have created this resource center to direct you to materials and topics that may be most relevant for legislators and their staff.

Accurate and up-to-date information about the legal requirements for homeschooling is vital for homeschooling parents, families considering home education, and legislators and public school officials. An accurate understanding of what homeschooling families are and are not required to do in order to comply with the law is the best foundation for safeguarding homeschooling freedoms. Similarly, a clear understanding of the role of public school superintendents, school boards and staff in receiving homeschooling paperwork and ensuring compliance is the best route to building positive working relationships between homeschoolers and their local public school divisions.

Religious Exemption in Virginia

For background and more information on the Religious Exemption:

Religious Exemption in Virginia
Learn more about the Religious Exemption and how it is used here in Virginia. Read more about why VaHomeschoolers opposes the current RE bill in the 2014 General Assembly.

Journalist Fact Check – Religious Exemption
For your convenience, here are some facts that have sometimes been confused by journalists or misunderstood/misrepresented by sources.

Homeschoolers, Tax Credits and Politics

Tax credits and politics in relation to homeschoolers has been in the news lately. For insight into homeschoolers’ opinions on tax credits and politics:

Bigger than Campaign Promises: Homeschooling, Tax Credits, and Politics in Virginia
The 2013 Virginia Governor’s race sets the agenda for this discussion because a gubernatorial candidate has aligned himself with HSLDA and has taken a pro-tax credit view painted as having universal support by homeschoolers in Virginia, which it does not. However, it’s also a timely reminder that VaHomeschoolers needs to say, once again, that homeschoolers have a variety of views on legislative issues, and they hail from many different religious, political, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Virginia Homeschooling – Quick Reference Guides

VaHomeschoolers is pleased to offer two documents that we believe will help homeschooling parents, school divisions and legislators all gain an accurate understanding of the various options available to Virginia’s home educators. While we are not licensed attorneys (and therefore these documents should not be construed as legal advice), we would like to share the expert knowledge we have gained through years of experience working with parents, public school superintendents and their staffs, as well as our history of working with legislators to craft and safeguard Virginia’s Home Instruction Statute and related laws.

The following two documents are provided at no cost, and may be copied and distributed as long as credit is given to The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers):

Homeschooling in Virginia: Avenues for Legal Compliance (pdf)

In Virginia, parents have three legal avenues for overseeing their children’s educations, in lieu of sending them to public or private school. Each of these options requires parents to communicate with their local school division. VaHomeschoolers has created this publication to clarify the roles of homeschooling families and school divisions regarding each educational avenue.

Quick Reference Guide to Homeschooling in Virginia (pdf)

Virginia’s options for home education are simple in practice but incorporate a number of details that can be difficult to keep in mind, particularly with regard to some of the less-often used legal avenues. The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers) has created this publication to clarify the roles of homeschooling families and school divisions regarding each educational avenue.


If you have questions or concerns about the above documents, or any other homeschooling legislative or policy issues, please contact us at VaHomeschoolers Government Affairs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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