Journalists’ Fact Check – Sports Access

VaHomeschoolers has been contacted by media outlets around the country for the most authoritative information about Homeschool High School Sports Access, also sometimes known as Tebow legislation.

For your convenience, here are some facts that have sometimes been confused by journalists or misunderstood/misrepresented by sources. If someone you interview contradicts one of these facts, we strongly urge you to go to original materials (read the proposed legislation itself) or contact us for an interview or background to help you understand the bills.

These are Facts:

If the legislation passes, local school divisions would still get to decide whether homeschoolers can try out in their schools.

Homeschoolers would not be able to decide what school to play for. Just like other students, they’d try out only for the school in their attendance zone.

There are not homeschool sports leagues that serve homeschoolers in most parts of the state.

There are not community sports leagues at a competitive high school level in many parts of Virginia.

Homeschoolers already take classes at public schools on a part-time basis and have done so for years. Over half of public school divisions in Virginia allow part-time enrollment.

A majority of states in the country allow homeschoolers to try out for high school teams.

67% of Virginians favor homeschoolers’ participation on high school teams. (Commonwealth Education Poll)

Homeschoolers meet the state’s academic requirements and are legally meeting education laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Dropouts would not be able to claim homeschooling status to play sports.

International exchange students can play high school sports at a local public high school. Your homeschooled neighbor – from a tax-paying family – is prohibited from trying out.

Homeschoolers would pay fees to cover costs associated with their participation.

Homeschooled teens talented and dedicated enough to play a sport at the high school level have already been playing sports with friends and coaches for years. They’re team players and dedicated to their community. Many have brothers or sisters who attend public school, with moms or dads who are teachers, librarians, business leaders, or community leaders.

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