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Bookstore FAQ

Why should I make my Amazon purchases through the VaHomeschoolers Bookstore?

Because it is an easy, no-extra-cost-to-you way to support VaHomeschoolers. As an Amazon.com associate, VaHomeschoolers gets a percentage of the cost of the items you order. As you know, VaHomeschoolers is all volunteer, so your Amazon.com contributions go directly toward covering expenses for our Web host, domain name, newsletter publication, parking fees for lobbyists, long distance charges and more. VaHomeschoolers provides the best value for your homeschool advocacy dollar, and through our Bookstore, you can contribute to VaHomeschoolers by simply doing what all homeschoolers love: buying books!

How do I buy something from the VaHomeschoolers Bookstore?

You can select items directly from the VaHomeschoolers Bookstore, click on the various Amazon.com product links you find on our pages, or use the Amazon search tool in the sidebar on this page.

What if I want a different book not in the Bookstore or linked to directly on the site?

There are several ways:

  • You can use the Amazon.com search tool in the sidebar of this page to take you to Amazon.com. From there, every item you place in our shopping cart will be automatically credited to VaHomeschoolers.
  • You can find items that you do want to buy in the VaHomeschoolers Bookstore. When you go to check out, you will be taken to your shopping cart on the Amazon.com website. At that point, you can continue shopping and any items you place in your cart will be credited to VaHomeschoolers.
  • You can click on any Amazon.com product link found on any page. This will take you to the Amazon.com website where you can continue shopping and any items you place in your cart will be automatically credited to VaHomeschoolers.

As long as you enter Amazon.com through any link on the VaHomeschoolers website, VaHomeschoolers will get credit for your purchases.

What if I don’t check out right away? Will VaHomeschoolers still receive a commission?

If you place the item in your cart within 24 hours, yes. If you place the item in your cart but leave without buying it, VaHomeschoolers will still earn the referral fee if the order is placed before the shopping cart expires (usually after 90 days).

Do VaHomeschoolers orders qualify for Amazon’s free shipping offers?


What items from my order will benefit VaHomeschoolers?

Anything at all: books, CDs, toys, electronics, magazines, DVDs, housewares, you name it!

If you have any questions about using the VaHomeschoolers Bookstore, please email us at:

VaHomeschoolers Bookstore

The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers is a non-profit public charity with 501(c)(3) status; your donation is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. A financial statement is available from the Virginia Division of Consumer Affairs upon request.

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