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VaHomeschoolers Voice is a bi-monthly homeschool journal produced by The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers for our members. Learn more about VaHomeschoolers Voice. Not a member? Join now and don’t miss another issue!

VaHomeschoolers Voice regularly covers all aspects of homeschooling: inspirational articles, ideas for approaching different subjects, learning styles, book and curriculum reviews, homeschool life and so much more. In this library, we have compiled selected articles organized by topic from past issues.

Book/Curriculum Reviews

Book reviews from past issues.

Homeschool Life

Glimpses into “a day in the life of” for homeschooling families in Virginia.

Homeschool Musings

Thoughts on this crazy idea we call homeschooling.

Life Learning

An advantage of homeschooling is having more time to focus on preparing for life as an adult.


Even during the early years, some parents begin thinking in terms of homeschooling.


Some thoughts on encouraging a positive relationship with reading.


Invaluable advice from experienced parents of homeschooled teens.


Ideas for encouraging our children’s writing lives.


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VaHomeschoolers Voice prints selected articles, news, and letters related to home education and Virginia homeschoolers. Opinions expressed by individual writers do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board of Directors of The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers, nor do they represent an official position of VaHomeschoolers. Writers’ views are their own, and readers are encouraged to research and explore homeschooling issues to their own satisfaction.

Permission to reprint content from VaHomeschoolers Voice may be requested by contacting the Voice Editor. Reprinting by-lined articles requires permission of the specific author in addition to permission of the editor.

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