Catering Keyleader

Do you think that the VaHomeschoolers conference is the best homeschooling conference out there?

Do you have the negotiation skills necessary to contract with a venue-approved caterer?

Can you organize tables to distribute lunches?

Are you good at double checking items on a spreadsheet?

Do you respect and support the inclusive nature of the VaHomeschoolers mission?

If so, you may be perfect for the Catering Keyleader position!

Responsibilities may include soliciting bids from the facility’s approved caterer list, drafting menus for conference materials, compiling lunch orders, tracking lunch orders on a spreadsheet, supervising the delivery and distribution of lunches at the conference, and cleaning up when the lunch break is over.

Desirable Qualities:

    1. Strong management and leadership skills
    2. Excellent communication skills
    3. Able to communicate clearly and frequently through email to get the lunch orders
    4. Strong organizational skills
    5. Able to fill out or read spreadsheets
    6. Great sense of humor
    7. Team player

Time Commitment

  1. The majority of the work is done in the last couple of months of conference planning. 
Except for just before and during the Saturday lunch break, you would be able to attend conference sessions and family programming events.

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