Ice Cream Social Keyleader

Description: Planning and purchasing of ice cream and its usual accompanying treats like whipped cream and sprinkles for the Friday night Ice Cream Social.

Skill Set:

  • Ability to read reports and guidelines to evaluate what needs to be purchased or borrowed, and evaluate the number of volunteers needed for the event to proceed smoothly.
  • Ability to purchase the ice cream and transport it to the conference center, or be willing to delegate tasks that cannot be completed personally.
  • Good follow-through a must.
  • Ability to meet deadlines, resolve challenges.
  • Must possess strong communication skills.
  • The love of sprinkles is optional, but recommended.

Time Commitment: The main work for this position is done in the weeks prior to conference in preparation for the fun. You will have plenty of free time to attend sessions.

Training and Accountability: The Ice Cream Social Keyleader will have the support of the Conference Co-chairs. Detailed job description and guidelines will be provided.

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