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Community Homeschool Enrichment Center (CHEC)

Since 2005, CHEC has been supporting homeschool families by offering a variety of academic, enrichment, and social opportunities to homeschooled children ages 5 to 18 in the Charlottesville-Albemarle area and surrounding counties. CHEC offers a wide variety of courses reflecting the imagination of our instructors and students in all areas of education, including the arts, sciences, physical education, geography, culture, history, foreign language, language arts and writing, literature, and technology.

Our classes are offered in Charlottesville, VA, on Mondays over three sessions - ten weeks in the fall, eight weeks in the winter and eight weeks in the spring. We typically offer 25-30 classes per session. Each Monday is divided into four periods, approximately 80 minutes each. Parental involvement is not required; although we do offer discounts on classes to our volunteers and parents are always to welcome to teach classes. We pay our teachers as independent contractors.

We strive to make our classes available to all homeschoolers, regardless of their ability to pay for tuition. Many of our families are single-parent households or families with limited incomes, and CHEC offers scholarships to ensure that all children are able to take at least one class per session (and often more than this). CHEC is primarily volunteer-run. We are an inclusive learning environment and are open to all. We do not have a religious affiliation.

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