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God's Homeschool Warriors

God’s Homeschool Warriors co-op supports parents and children in achieving excellence in education through an environment of Godly wisdom and talented partnerships. We partner with families from Suffolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Smithfield, Windsor Virginia, and Gates County, NC.

As an organization that is owned and run by its members, we all share in the responsibilities and benefits of the co-op. To be successful in providing excellence, we ask all families to participate in three ways:

  • Prayer - Since wisdom and sound judgement come from God, we ask all parents to ask God to provide our children and teachers (parents) with wisdom.
  • The Use of your Gifts - God equips all of us with areas of strengths and spiritual gifts that can be applied in the Godly education of our children. All parents are expected to serve as teachers or aides.
  • Your Input - This is your co-op and your child’s education. We invite all parents to participate in meetings. We encourage questions, suggestions and solutions.

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