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Valley Classical School

Valley Classical School (VCS) is a classical Christian school in the New River Valley that takes a collaborative approach to education. Below you will find a short description of what we mean by classical, collaborative, and Christian.

Classical: We use proven teaching methods that align with a child's natural developmental stages, equipping students with tools for lifelong learning through the phases of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Our comprehensive curriculum is well rounded in the study of science, math, history, literature and poetry, English grammar, spelling, writing, Latin, and the arts.

Collaborative: Students attend class on campus with trained teachers two days a week, and then receive assignments to complete under the guidance of parents at home two to three days a week. This allows parents to share in the academic instruction of their children, but also provides the structure and benefits of the classroom environment.

Christian: A Christ-centered perspective in education means that the board, staff, and families of Valley Classical School are united in affirming our statement of faith (The Nicene Creed). It also means that the way we think about and pursue the training of students is influenced by our understanding of the gospel and the truths of the Bible. Ultimately, what is true, good, and beautiful is rooted in Christ.

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