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Amanda B. Acree


I believe that an authentic evaluation is essential to capture the essence of your child's progress in a way that a standardized test cannot. Oftentimes, the evaluation is much less stressful than a timed document. I base my assessments on the Virginia Department of Education's grade level standards, and more importantly, on the individual progress your child has made during the course of the year.

My goal as an evaluator is not to be punitive in finding what your child cannot do, but rather to look for the growth and abilities that demonstrate his/her comprehension in math, reading, and language.

The assessment lasts approximately two hours and includes, but is not limited to the following:

1) a perusal of relevant work samples or portfolio;
2) parent and child interview related to the learning that has taken place over the course of the year;
3) Analytical Reading Inventory assessment, providing a grade level equivalent of where the student is reading;
4) additional one-to-one assessments to gauge specific math and reading goals.

Within a week of evaluation, you will be provided with a formal letter to mail to your Regulatory School Board or Superintendent.

Sibling discount available; travel fees may apply.


I hold an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with a double minor in Reading and English. I hold a Master of Education degree in Reading, Language, and Literacy.


I am a former elementary teacher certified in the state of Texas with ten years experience in the public school system, ranging from 2nd through 5th grade. I spent several years working with students struggling in reading and math.