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Brewer Testing Services


The only test requiring that the administrator have a bachelor’s degree is the Iowa test.  We have our own scoring equipment, so scoring is guaranteed within 3 weeks, but we usually turn around our grading in less than a week.  Overnight scoring can be ordered as well.

All of our tests are the latest tests available for homeschool use. Our reports are professional, computerized reports that are homeschool friendly and easy to understand. We provide quick turnaround, as well as communication during every step of your testing process.

We have test preparation materials and IQ/Cognitive Abilities testing. (We even have one you can do online:  OLSAT8 Cognitive Abilities Test-no degree required.)  We also schedule professionally administered individualized achievement tests and have a number of students who come to us in NC from VA.  This includes Curriculum Consulting and Instructional Strategy suggestions, geared toward the needs of your students.


Professional testing is done by Pat Brewer, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and who is also a retired Curriculum/Testing Coordinator with the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools in NC.