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Catina Franklin Sweedy


Based in Northern Virginia, Catina Franklin Sweedy offers homeschool consultations and proof of progress evaluations both in person and virtually. I specialize in working with young people and families who are pursuing (or are interested in learning more about) self-directed education (unschooling), and those who learn differently than than traditional expectations. End of year proof of progress evaluations are an excellent way to respect, support, and inspire your child in their learning journey.

Please contact me today to learn more about homeschool consultations and end-of year proof of progress evaluations.


I am legally qualified to provide proof of progress evaluations in Virginia because I hold a Master's Degree in an academic discipline (music).
I have been teaching music and nature connection both privately and in the classroom since 1997, an unschooling Mom since 2008, and a program advisor at Embark Center for Self Directed Education since 2018. I lecture frequently about alternative and self-directed education, music, and the benefits of video games at such venues as the VA Homeschoolers Conference and Resource Fair, the Alternative Education Resource Organization Conference, the Liberated Learners Conference, MineFaire, and the Northern Virginia Women's Summit, among others.

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