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Family Learning Organization Testing Service


Family Learning Organization offers standardized tests for homeschooling families. Through our Educational Assessment & Testing Service, tests may be obtained by parents to administer to their homeschooled children. Our services include:

  • Standardized Achievement Tests including:
    • California Achievement Test, 5th Edition – Complete Battery – 1992 Version
    • CAT/5 Survey – 1992 Version
    • Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI)
    • TerraNova Achievement 1st Edition Test (T)
    • TerraNova 2nd Edition Test (TN) – Also known as CAT/6

Testing materials should be ordered 3 weeks in advance. Upon receipt of testing materials, parents have two weeks to administer and return the tests for scoring. Computer generated printout of scores is returned to parents in 1 to 3 weeks. Complete confidentiality. Scores are never entered into the national norming process. Credit card ordering.