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Hand in Hand Homeschool


Hand in Hand conducts evaluations of homeschool programs in order to show proof of academic progress, as well as individualized testing services, using the WJ-III, that complies with Virginia homeschool laws.

Pricing begins at $50. Families looking for more in-depth testing services can call for a free telephone consultation to explore how IQ and achievement testing can help you better understand your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

As a former unschooler in the younger years, Alessa understands and appreciates the spectrum of homeschool philosophies that successfully work for different families. Alessa travels to VA from March – June to work with local families. Year-round testing services are available just a short drive into Maryland.


BA in Psychology from Lehigh University; MS.Ed. from Johns Hopkins University. Certified as an expert witness in matters relating to educational best interest in custody disputes in the State of Maryland.


Alessa homeschooled her two children from Kindergarten into college. She is also a professional curriculum developer.