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Learning Heroine LLC


Basic and Comprehensive homeschool portfolio evaluations are available that respect a family's homeschool styles that range from school at home to radical unschooling, and everything between. Whole-life learning plans are available to assist with resource choices, pacing, and goal development in home and in community, similar in essence to an individual learning plan (IEP) in a public school system but custom and respect to family values and rhythms, more a "dream IEP." Transcript guidance, high-school and college planning, and flexi-school (for homeschooler's needing to navigate a balance of home and public school services such as Speech or occupational therapy, etc.) options are also available. Advocacy services to assist in flexi-school planning such as functional behavioral assessments (FBA)s, individual education plans (IEP)s, and gifted/twice exceptional advocacy assistance and planning is also available.


Sarah Blunkosky, M.A., RYT 200, RCYT, RPYT is an integrative education consultant and works as a homeschool educator to her three children, one of whom has complex challenges which include: Down syndrome, autism, sensory integration, and other medical needs. In her pre-mom life, Sarah taught Social Studies at the highly acclaimed Open High School in Richmond, Virginia. She holds a Bachelor's in World History with a minor in World Religions from the University of Mary Washington and a Master's degree from Virginia Commonwealth University as an American slavery scholar. Her Master's thesis explored Unlawful Assembly in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Sarah opened Learning Heroine LLC in March, 2015 and added Learning Heroine Movement to assist families in adding research-based movement solutions to their learning lives beginning in June 2017. Sarah is a certified therapeutic-style yoga teacher and has specialty certifications as both a Children's (RCYT) and Prenatal/Postnatal (RPYT) yoga teacher. She has extensive research based knowledge in cognitive impairments (memory and learning in Alzheimer's, Down syndrome, autism) and successful learning outcomes and advocacy from thirteen years of parenting and assisting parents as both a certified peer breastfeeding counselor, new Down syndrome parent counselor, and peer implementing complex biomedical, advocacy, and learning interventions with her children and others in public, private, and home education settings. When she's not working, writing articles for VaHomeschooler's Voice Magazine, you can find her teaching babies, children, and adults yoga or curled up in a corner of her public library.