Cindy Staats is the current vice president of the VaHomeschoolers board of directors. Her professional past as a liaison between legal and governmental offices across the country, plus her extensive leadership in both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, has given Cindy a great foundation as the Volunteer Coordinator. This experience has given her insight into how all the pieces of VaHomeschoolers work together. She has been integral to the organizational chart redesign: eliminating redundancies, identifying needs, and helping create positions that are easily definable. Her interest in the public relations aspects of the organization has helped expand that role to include a team that will be very active in social media. Cindy lives in Spotsylvania County with her husband and three children: two currently homeschooled and one in college. Cindy is an asset to the team with her quiet contemplation and understanding of how even simple decisions can affect the long-term plans of the organization.