The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers is proud to announce a very exciting new benefit for our members. Beginning April 1, 2010, all Vahomeschoolers members will enjoy free access to an amazing science resource, The Happy Scientist, a $20 annual value! Ours is the first homeschool organization in the nation to offer our members this benefit, which until now has been available to individuals and to school districts.

The Happy Scientist is a web-based subscription service owned by professional science educator Robert Krampf, whose enthusiasm for teaching science to people of all ages knows no bounds. Mr. Krampf performs science demonstrations around the country at museums, schools and special events, and has appeared Late Night with David Letterman, The Discovery Channel’s Know ZoneCBS This MorningFantastic Facts (in London) and CNN. Through The Happy Scientist, Mr. Krampf offers science videos that demonstrate concepts in chemistry, physics, life sciences, earth sciences and astronomy.

While a limited amount of this content is generously available for free, VaHomeschoolers Members will have complete access to The Happy Scientist, enjoying all of Mr. Krampf’s more than 140 educational and entertaining videos and other materials. Videos at The Happy Scientist cover both basic and advanced topics, and most are experiments and demonstrations that can be performed at home. They make a great adjunct to your existing science curriculum, or could serve as the basis for the entire curriculum, inspiring you and your children to investigate online and at the library to learn more.

What People are Saying

Our chemistry group recently did some experiments based on one of Mr. Krampf’s videos on acid-base reactions, getting lots of ooh!s and ahh!s from kids and parents alike. This was a much easier and more exciting version of the traditional cabbage-juice-indicator-solution experiment, and it demonstrated and explained the concepts in a way that really helped all of us to understand (even the moms).” ~ Amy Wilson, VaHomeschoolers and Happy Scientist subscription member

He’s awesome!” ~ Abby, homeschooler, age 10

We watch the videos every week, letting the kids choose from the many topics. They get cross if I postpone our viewing session! The videos are well-done, and they are entertaining without sacrificing educational content. The videos avoid the fast half-second splices so prevalent in popular viewing today. Mr. Krampf is personable and conveys his love of science without coming across as pedantic or condescending. I pay for full access right now, and I would continue to do so!” ~ Kelly Muzzin, VaHomeschoolers member