Karen Skelton


Karen Skelton is in the middle of her second term as president of the board and as publisher of VaHomeschoolers Voice magazine. She also continues to serve the organization as director of Government Affairs, a Helpline respondent, a media contact, and a conference speaker. Karen feels that serving on the board gives her the opportunity to give back to an organization that has an important mission and is of such great value to homeschoolers in Virginia.

She pays it forward through helping to recruit, mentor, and manage new volunteers for the long-term sustainability of the organization. Her two children are homeschool graduates, now in their early 20s, who are grateful for the experience and who recommend homeschooling to others without hesitation.

DeeDee Sauter

DeeDee Sauter, also in the middle of her second term, holds the position of treasurer. She also plans and directs the annual conference—she is currently engaged in coordinating the March 2018 event. DeeDee is deeply committed to the inclusive mission of VaHomeschoolers, to providing a valuable conference each year, and to ensuring that homeschoolers across the state have the support and resources they need. She has homeschooled her two sons since 2011 and is the proud new mama to a brood of golden comet hens.

DeeDee Sauter

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones has served on the board since October 2015 to fill a vacancy. Though she was newly elected to serve a two-year term, she is already a committed and experienced board member.  She has actively supported the annual conference in numerous roles, most recently as the keyleader who enlists and organizes the conference speakers. Lisa is an Army veteran; a government background investigator; a wife; a mother of two amazing girls; and the servant to her three cats, two dogs, and eight accidental goats. She brings a sense of humor and sarcasm to her duties on the board and enjoys being part of the larger team. She looks forward to working on plans to ensure the long-term success of this organization.

Cindy Staats

Cindy Staats was appointed to fill a vacancy in April. She is a proven volunteer for VaHomeschoolers; she has been serving as the volunteer coordinator for nearly two years. This management role has allowed her to become very familiar with the macro view of the organization—its needs and its people—a perfect complement to serving on the board. Cindy also has leadership experience in both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and professional work experience as a liaison between legal and governmental offices across the country. She has one child in college and homeschools her younger children, ages 10 and 7.


Mary Sandkam

Mary sandkam

Mary Sandkam, newly elected to the board, comes to us with a professional background as a town planner. This experience translates well into working with governmental agencies, education departments, and school divisions. Mary is a regular contributor to VaHomeschoolers Voice magazine where she currently manages the Roads Scholars column. She has been a conference speaker the past two years. She is now assisting with the Helpdesk inquiries and with the school division review project. She has homeschooled her middle school-aged son for eight years.