Volunteer with VaHomeschoolers

As the state’s volunteer-driven homeschool organization, VaHomeschoolers’ work is done by our volunteers — homeschooling parents, like you, who feel strongly about supporting homeschooling in Virginia, and who recognize the importance of an organization like VaHomeschoolers. Consider supporting VaHomeschoolers by volunteering your time and abilities; not only will you be assisting us in our mission, but these volunteer opportunities are also great ways to develop (perhaps new) skills and to network with other homeschoolers!

For more information and complete job descriptions for any of these positions, please email our Volunteer Coordinator. When applying, please include a listing of relevant skills and/or any previous experience.

If none of these positions seems to be a fit, but you want to help, don’t worry! Fill out our Volunteer Application or email our Volunteer Coordinator with your areas of interest and skills. Many volunteer opportunities exist, and we can find one that is the right size and scope for you.

Help Wanted - Positions Available Include

What’s involved? A Helpcenter volunteer answers emails or phone messages from inquiring homeschoolers, at a time convenient to the volunteer’s schedule. Your commitment can absolutely be tailored to what works for your life, and change with your changing availability. 

Your expertise is invaluable, your participation transformational. We have seen this to be true over and over again.

unConvention planning is on the way, and we would love to have you help out during the event! Volunteers are expected to attend a pre-event planning and orientation meeting in addition to their commitment during the event. 

VaHomeschoolers is in need of coordinators for the legislative monitoring team and the school division monitoring team as well as volunteers to serve on those teams. Additionally, we would love someone who would be interested in sending a monthly Government Affairs newsletter.

Volunteer needed to remind supporters about ways to make their purchases generate corporate donations for VaHomeschoolers.  As one example, VaHomeschoolers receives donations from grocery store givebacks, when customers link their customer cards to designate VaHomeschoolers as their preferred charity.  This volunteer would post reminders on social media such as the VaHomeschoolers Facebook community periodically as time permits.

Volunteer needed to be on the lookout for retailers who are willing to offer a discount to homeschoolers who present a VaHomeschoolers membership card. The volunteer will provide a list to the Membership Committee chairperson, and will send updates as time permits.s.

To inquire about any of these positions or to offer names of people you think would be suitable, please contact us or apply online.