About Us.

Dedicated to serving, empowering, and advocating for all Virginia homeschoolers.

The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers) is an independent, non-profit, member-driven, statewide organization. We are committed to providing homeschooling support to our members, as well as accurate information about homeschooling to Virginia’s families, school divisions, legislators and policymakers, the media, and the community at large.

VaHomeschoolers appreciates that homeschooling families are diverse in their beliefs and backgrounds, but united in loving their children, valuing their children’s education, and treasuring their freedom to homeschool. For this reason, VaHomeschoolers is an inclusive organization and is neutral in matters of politics and religion.

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The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors are elected annually by the VaHomeschoolers membership and serve a term of two years.

Our Organization

See how the different parts of the organization work together to support homeschoolers throughout Virginia.

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Learn how The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers came into existence and about the changes that it's been through since its inception.

Share Your Talents!

As the state’s volunteer-driven homeschool organization, VaHomeschoolers’ work is done by our volunteers — homeschool parents, like you, who feel strongly about supporting homeschooling in Virginia, and who recognize the importance of an organization like VaHomeschoolers. Consider supporting VaHomeschoolers by volunteering your time and abilities.

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